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I SEE EASTERING in blossoms of great beauty and Spring green shoots persistently  pushing through the once calloused ground after a long and harsh winter.


I SEE EASTERING as the deer skip around looking for food for their offspring and wanting to bring joy to those eagerly awaiting new signs of Spring.


I SEE EASTERING in the happy face of a hundred year old woman, who declared with great joy:  “I can hardly wait to see the smiling face of our loving and gracious God.”


I SEE EASTERING in the growing number of young people searching for hope and meaning and for ways to get involved  in mission work, to create a world of justice and peace, and to change the shape of things to come.


I SEE EASTERING  in the lives of people moving from tragedy to triumph ,  in places often ravaged by wars and destruction of many kinds, working to create a new world according to God’s design.


 I SEE EASTERING in stones rolled back, removing barriers of greed, prejudice, and power abused, enabling people to walk with dignity , and live their lives  with hope and meaning ,as people living in the power of our loving God.


Easter Blessings to all!       Sr. Brenda Walsh


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